Here’s to you, Mrs. Emma Cleaver.

So tonight I found out what it would be like to have a loving wife. And her name is Emma Barker.

Ain’t she a beaut? Here’s a bit more of the prep and results:

Pears stuffed with gorgonzola and bacon, drizzled with vinaigrette
Pasta with olive oil, spices, red onion, and....
...more bacon!
Served with delicious baked broccoli.
And a delicious seasonal beer.
My contribution: Setting the table and getting the drinks. I am my father's daughter.

I’m a lucky girl.

As much as I love my…roommate, though, I am happy to say that after Sunday, THIS will no longer be an issue in my life:

That’s right. You’re looking at approximately 3,000 miles right there. Well, no more! Suck it, Canada.

Ok, done insulting Canada. I promise. Now if you’ll excuse me, the wife is making gourmet white hot chocolate. God love her.


One thought on “Here’s to you, Mrs. Emma Cleaver.

  1. You sure can pick roommates. Most I ever got, (back in the roommate days, NOT WHILE MARRIED), was wild rice souped up with some ham or something.

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