Fictionally speaking…

Ok, so I deliberated for a good 20 minutes about whether or not to tell you guys this…but…oh heck, I’ll probably end up just telling you anyway.

I’ve started a second blog.

Audience: Booooo! You HAVE a blog! And it’s already mostly random and weeeeeeird! Booooo!

Wait, wait! It’s a fiction blog.

Audience: …*angry and confused muttering*…

It’s because I know the chances of actually getting anything fictional I write published is slim, and I miss writing fiction, and I need an outlet, and…and…no one can stop me.

Audience: *crickets*

You guys still there?

Single audience member: Do we have to read it?

Lord no.

Audience: …*tentative murmuring*…

I’m just letting you know it’s there. Or, more accurately, here. It’s an experiment. You guys LIKE experiments!

Audience: …*grudging agreement noises*

Ok, so we’re cool? The “About” section explains more. If you WANT to check it out. No pressure.


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