Statistically Inclined

This is probably going to rate about a 1.4 on the “how revolutionary is what I just said” scale, but I’m a really big fan of stats and charts.

Even in middle school math, when you had to buy graph paper and learned how to negotiate x and y to finagle yourself a little line graph, I was secretly thrilled. (Don’t tell anyone that, you’ll ruin my really-really-cool-kid rep.)

Why do I bring this up now? Because something I do on a virtually day-to-day basis is check up on my blog stats. WordPress makes it easy to develop an unhealthy addiction a professionally conscientious attitude about your blog stats because they break it down in a pretty little chart, on which you can then specify the day or post you’re most curious about.

A bit narcissistic? Well, sure (but so is everything about blogging). Informative? You betcha.


8 thoughts on “Statistically Inclined

  1. You’ve clearly had your ups and downs. But I’m proud to say, because of me, you’ve never hit zero! Oh, and I love stats too.

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