Statistically Inclined

This is probably going to rate about a 1.4 on the “how revolutionary is what I just said” scale, but I’m a really big fan of stats and charts.

Even in middle school math, when you had to buy graph paper and learned how to negotiate x and y to finagle yourself a little line graph, I was secretly thrilled. (Don’t tell anyone that, you’ll ruin my really-really-cool-kid rep.)

Why do I bring this up now? Because something I do on a virtually day-to-day basis is check up on my blog stats. WordPress makes it easy to develop an unhealthy addiction a professionally conscientious attitude about your blog stats because they break it down in a pretty little chart, on which you can then specify the day or post you’re most curious about.

A bit narcissistic? Well, sure (but so is everything about blogging). Informative? You betcha.

10 thoughts on “Statistically Inclined

  1. You’ve clearly had your ups and downs. But I’m proud to say, because of me, you’ve never hit zero! Oh, and I love stats too.

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