Music B(l)uff

So here’s something.

I really like music. I’ve been singing since middle school, been in love with musicals since before that (I think I saw my first — Beauty & the Beast — when I was 9-ish), I always have a song stuck in my head, and you’d never catch me driving around without the radio on.

The thing is, when people ask me what kind of music I like/listen to, I usually panic. Because unless we’re talking about their vocal technique or the subtext of the Last Five Years score, I don’t really know anything about music.

So when I panic, I tend to say something like, “Oh, you know, all kinds.”

And that’s not a lie. I do like all kinds. In fact, I would say with a fair level of confidence that I like at least a few songs from every genre of music. (Although, according to my “Most Played” list in iTunes, my favorite genres are alternative, soundtrack (told ya), rock, and pop. No real surprise there.

The true beauty of having eclectic musical tastes? I’m a very receptive audience to new tunes. My dear, dear friend Susan, (a music fan in the truest sense of the word) loves this about me because when she makes me a mixed CD, she knows I will listen to it start to finish within 24 hours of receiving it. AND provide feedback. (I really love mixed CDs.)

Because, like I said, I like music. All kinds.

2 thoughts on “Music B(l)uff

  1. i’m putting a mixtape in the mail for you just because of this post. love love love.

    plus, so much better than the music-via-email freakout that happened last night 😉

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