The Pits.

Here’s something I would like to learn to do before I die: eat a grapefruit.

I’m not joking; I have no idea how to do it.

No matter how hard and try or what technique I use, all I ever seem to end up with is a pulpy mess, sticky fingers, and about two mouthfuls of fruit. Plus, I’m certain it’s disgusting to watch.

I’ve tried the use-a-spoon-to-eat-a-half technique, the peel-like-and-orange-and-eat-the-slices technique, and even the chop-into-bits-and-salvage-what-fruit-you-can technique. To no avail.

And thanks to Fresh Direct’s new policy of including seasonal fruits and vegetables free of charge in every order, I’m staring at four new reasons to renew my efforts in accomplishing this goal.

Well, three. I massacred one of them this morning.

Grapefruits: 1
Me: 0


2 thoughts on “The Pits.

  1. Justine! I eat grapefruit everyday and it’s so super yummy. Here’s how I eat it.
    1) slice in half
    2) with the cut side flat on the a cutting board, using a serated knife, slice 4 or 5 times so that you have something that looks like a orange slice
    3) without separating the slices, turn cutting board and slice 3 times so now you have little bit size pieces, still attacked to the skin
    4) hold peel and eat like a mini orange slice

    let me know if you have no idea what im talking about lol

    • Oh my goodness, that’s brilliant! Just tried it, worked like a dream. Still got juice everywhere, but I think that’s just the sign of a good grapefruit. Thanks!

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