Want vs. Need

Just had an overwhelming urge to go shopping. Here are things I want:

1. Flat brown leather boots
2. Dark skinny jeans with enough stretch to fit my legs and waist (never gonna happen)
3. Fitted leather jacket (a lot of leather…weird)
4. Moderately frilly dresses
6. Most things at Banana Republic

Gahhhh…must not spend money. Must. Not. Spend. Money.

Maybe next paycheck.

Hair-Brained Theories

So you know how I have way too manytheories about how hair and attitude are connected? I’m adding another one.

I propose that your entire mood can be lifted by a good hair day. The reverse is also true. Liking your outfit also helps, but hair is the true key. (This is probably mostly true of women.)

The evidence: I usually take showers at night, but I usually don’t dry my hair after, instead letting it air-dry while I sleep. This is fine, but my hair is usually some kind of crazy by the time I wake up. I could probably remedy this by torching it within an inch of its life with a straightener, but I prefer not to do that unless it’s an emergency. (Yeah, go ahead and TRY to think of an emergency that calls for that course of action.)

So anyway. Last night, everything changed.

In a super awesome course of events, our heat is somehow not working. It rules. Really. (Not really.) Naturally, our apartment is freezing. So last night I took a shower for the sole purpose of warming up. For the first time, I didn’t think I could physically go to bed with wet hair. So I dried it. And this morning, it actually looked kind of nice when I woke up. Plus, I’d finally remembered to pack my lunch the night before, so I didn’t have to go through the rigamarole of slapping something together in the morning.

The point is, I’ve had a pretty great day. Which begs the question: Does more put-together hair mean a more put-together life?