Finding the words

This won’t shock anyone, but I’m a words person.

My sister always yells at me for using words she deems fancier than necessary, but I’m not just using them because I feel like I need to impress someone. The simple fact is, the words I use are more accurate. I mean obscure, not weird. I mean antithesis, not opposite.

I guess I’m also a big accuracy person. (I know; your mind is blown.)

Which is also why, in general, I get frustrated by emotions. Not those of others — I can listen and provide fairly objective advice when other people are confused or hurting — but my own. Because sometimes I just feel weird or off or down or confused or I wig out and can’t pin down exactly why. In fact, usually all it really takes for me to feel better is articulating exactly what it is that’s bothering me.

I guess in my case, naming the monster makes it virtually unnecessary to fight. Or at the very least, much, much easier.

So what’s my point. Sometimes I get mad or sad or just plain quiet, and I can’t really explain why. Fortunately, I have a process to get to my answer (which usually involves over-analyzing every detail with my dear friend Susan — also known as my sounding board .)

I think what I’m saying is, be patient with me. I’ll get there. And hopefully I’ll have the words to get you there, too.