Finding the words

This won’t shock anyone, but I’m a words person.

My sister always yells at me for using words she deems fancier than necessary, but I’m not just using them because I feel like I need to impress someone. The simple fact is, the words I use are more accurate. I mean obscure, not weird. I mean antithesis, not opposite.

I guess I’m also a big accuracy person. (I know; your mind is blown.)

Which is also why, in general, I get frustrated by emotions. Not those of others — I can listen and provide fairly objective advice when other people are confused or hurting — but my own. Because sometimes I just feel weird or off or down or confused or I wig out and can’t pin down exactly why. In fact, usually all it really takes for me to feel better is articulating exactly what it is that’s bothering me.

I guess in my case, naming the monster makes it virtually unnecessary to fight. Or at the very least, much, much easier.

So what’s my point. Sometimes I get mad or sad or just plain quiet, and I can’t really explain why. Fortunately, I have a process to get to my answer (which usually involves over-analyzing every detail with my dear friend Susan — also known as my sounding board .)

I think what I’m saying is, be patient with me. I’ll get there. And hopefully I’ll have the words to get you there, too.


3 thoughts on “Finding the words

  1. Is this because you got embarrassed about your response to my shopping comment and don’t know how to express it? Don’t feel overwhelmed. Maybe later we can sit in silence together and think–but not talk–about our feelings. Then we can purchase some cheesy popcorn, watch some TV and not think about feelings again for 14-28 days.

    I love you.


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