Aaaaand…CAKE! *huddle clap*

So, it’s the Super Bowl this weekend.

As you can probably imagine, the Super Bowl is not exactly a life-changing event for me.

To be fair, I do enjoy watching. It’s the one sporting event I actually look forward to watching, actually. Of course, that’s mainly for two reasons having nothing to do with athletics: the socialization (I like parties) and the food.

You all know I like food. You do. Admit it. I have a blog tag dedicated to “Kitchen Adventures.” And aside from the chili-cheese dip and assortment of grilled meats, my favorite food associated with the big game is my annual Super Bowl Cake. (Yes, capped.)

I know I have photos of past cakes, but I think they’re on my mom’s camera. (AKA, trapped forever.) So you’ll just have to imagine.

They’re things of beauty. I’ve made two, so this year will be the third. I have big plans, PLUS I’m joining forces with the boyfriend’s sister, so it should be epic.

Just wanted to give you a little something to look forward to. (Because I’m sure the actual game just wasn’t doing it for you.)

3 thoughts on “Aaaaand…CAKE! *huddle clap*

  1. I love you & cake, so post pictures for me 🙂 especially since i will be at work and unable to make desserts 😦

  2. Mom, devastated by your absence, has managed her grief by already having made her confection; but this time with cupcakes, arranged in arrays, to simulate the yard spacing, with the appropriate colors for the Colts and Saints. We’ll send a picture.

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