Dinner and a Blog

Guess what? It’s President’s Day! Why is that cool? Because even though my employer does not see the value of MLK Day, they do think our founding fathers were pretty swell guys. Translation: I have the day off.

So naturally I think I great way to kick things off is by blogging about last nights culinary sen-SA-tion.

I made a Straniero-Blanchard-family classic, pasta with red peppers and ham in a cream sauce. (Will someone please tell me if that has a cooler name?) Normally it has peas in it, but I’m not the biggest fan of peas, so I substituted asparagus. Personally, I think it was a long-awaited change. Plus it makes for pretty pictures! Speaking of which…here’s how it all went down:

Red bell peppers and asparagus, roasting
Peppers, asparagus, and ham; chopped and sautéing
Add cream and cook until it starts to froth.
Fold in shredded cheese, serve over farfalle pasta. Enjoy!

The boyfriend got to enjoy this one. There was also an angel food cake/vanilla ice cream/raspberries/whipped cream dessert, but I forgot to take a picture. It tasted better than it looked anyway.

Ok, after thinking about food for the last ten minutes or so, it’s time to start my day with a trip to the gym. It’s been a little while, so wish me luck!

(Do you have the day off? What are you doing? Leave a comment so I have something to read when I get back!)