Mixed bag emotions

This night did not start off well.

Even though I had tentative plans with a few different people (I swear!), when I woke up from my FOUR HOUR nap (yeah…I’m a little disgusted with/proud of myself too.) at 7 p.m., I still hadn’t heard back from anyone.

Cue: Self-pity.

So, I tried to figure out how to spend my lonely night. Order in Thai food? Hack into my mom’s Netflix and watch an Instant Queue flik? Drink one of the beer’s my boyfriend left in my apartment (alone)?

Hey! I know! How ’bout all three?!?

Cue: Self-loathing.

I know what you’re thinking: Justine. I am legitimately concerned about your mental health. Are you clinically depressed?

You guys, calm down. It’s just a slow night. And, by some miracle, I actually ended up with plans! (Ok, the other things still happened. But I have PLANS!)

Cue: Relief about my life.

Drinking a beer alone is less depressing when you have plans later, right?

Right? Guys?

2 thoughts on “Mixed bag emotions

  1. Correction: You weren’t alone. I was also enjoying a beer with you via gchat. That’s not pathetic, that’s fun!

    Also, what did you buy on your 21st birthday that had rhinos on the bottles? For some reason I can’t think of it.

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