The list goes on and on

So you know how I love charts and graphs? Well, it should come as no surprise that I love lists.

(Confession: I love them so much that I just had a moment of panic that I had already written about that love. Double-checked. I hadn’t.)

Well, here’s a little something you will ALWAYS find on my desk: a to-do list.

Because, you know what? I’m getting old. And forgetful. So I have to write things down. Plus, there’s really nothing more satisfying than crossing off tasks.

(Confession #2: I usually put a little box next to each task so I can check it off AND cross it out. It’s the little things.)

Here’s the list for tomorrow and Friday. And yes, it’s color-coded.

{to-do list}

You love me. (Right?)


7 thoughts on “The list goes on and on

  1. Yes.

    Also: you have more than 40 posts with the tag “Sorry this post is boring.” Stop being such an Eeyore. They’re all wildly interesting, ok? OK??

  2. What’s not to love??? You come from a long line of list makers! This is an inherited trait and you are right there is nothing better than checking off a completed task!!

  3. Yes, Aunt Allison is sooo right. I know Grandma has been a list maker since I can remember ( & that is a long time!! So, welcome to the clan! And you are right it is quite satisfying to cross things off a list.

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