Snow White Guilt

Do you remember when you were in school, and you knew it was supposed to snow a whole heckuva lot, and you would start fantasizing about school shutting down, and spending the day in your pajamas eating grilled cheese and pickles with your mom?

And then, the next morning, you would FLY out of bed (even though usually you had to be coaxed/threatened for at least 15 minutes by said mom) just so you could plaster yourself to the TV, your eyes watering from the intensity with which you watched the scrolling ticker of school cancellations parading across the bottom of the screen?

And finally, that beautiful moment when the stars would align and you would see YOUR school’s name, pressed gently next to that magic word: Closed

As quickly as you came, you’d scamper back to bed, whooping triumphantly that the gods had seen fit to send you this gift, this blessing, this snow day.

And then, you grow up.

I’m not exactly sure when the shift happened, but somehow, as an adult, I can’t get quite as jazzed about a snow day. It’s not that I’m not still thrilled at the idea of spending the day in my pajamas and not having to trudge to work in the cold and ice, but once you have a real job (especially one you actually like in a field that you have to work insanely hard to get and in which you know there are a thousand other girls just like you would love to take it from you), not going to work comes with a certain amount of guilt.

At least for me. I’m sure there are people out there (cough…the boyfriend…cough) who feel no qualms about getting the day off. Of course, this could also be because the fella works for a school, so when that shuts down, it Shuts. Down. Whereas my office is a little more resilient and everyone just works from home. (Which I’m doing! …After I finish this post.)

The point is, even though I know it would actually be dangerous to travel right now (especially in my rather-out-of-the-way-not-yet-shoveled-out neighborhood), and that it is still snowing, and that I’m actually ahead on all my projects, and that I will still be working from home, I can’t help but feel the tiniest bit like I’m skipping out on a commitment or something.

I’m going to eat grilled cheese and pickles for lunch. Maybe that will help.

3 thoughts on “Snow White Guilt

  1. You forgot to mention that I still get PAID when I’m told there is no work, so anything I do during the work day, I technically get paid for… Like going to see you!

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