It’s for puppies!

Ok, I normally never do this sort of thing (I promise), but this is about my dog so…all bets are off.

Bissell (vacuums) has a Pet Photo Contest, my family put my pooch in the contest. If we win, she could end up on the box of a Bissell Vacuum and we would donate $10,000 to the Canine Liver Disease Foundation.

Rosie is a westie.

At the end of last year she was diagnosed with a liver condition. We were told that she had from one week to a year and that there wasn’t anything that we could do. We did everything to nurse her back to health, even oils, which seemed to help a lot! She got her bossy personality back and her “roo-roo-roo” bark started up again. You can never say what tomorrow will bring, all you can do is love her up and cherish every moment! (Charity: Canine Liver Disease Foundation)

You need to go to the website and then VOTE 🙂 You have to create a login, but just do somethinh bogus… eh? THANK YOUUU 🙂 (My sister wrote most of this post.) *Edit: You can’t make a fake account, but they don’t spam. At all. I’ve had an account for a few days and received nothing. I swear.

Anyway, it doesn’t cost anything, you won’t be spammed, and you’re helping the sweetest doggie (and many other sick doggies) in the world get a little fame. Not bad for your morning to-do list, right?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. I WAS WRONG. you have to put your real email because you have to confirm the email address before you log in… 😦 BUT they dont spam… 🙂

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