So my friend Brandon recently pointed out something to me that I had always been aware of, but had yet articulated out loud (it was actually a long-forthcoming blog post…way to spoil the surprise, BRANDON…jk.). Here was his observation:

In-Person Justine is very different from Blogger Justine. Not in that Blogger Justine is a fictionalized person with fake opinions and fictionalized stories. (My blogs are all very real, I assure you.) But in that my tone of writing tends to be different from my tone of…living.

Specifically, Blogger Justine is a lot more excitable than In-Person Justine. In-Person Justine tends to play it a bit cooler. (Well, maybe “cool” isn’t exactly the right word. We’re both fairly nerdy.)

Actually, part of my plan to be more outgoing involves being more like Blog Justine. She seems fun. (Right, guys?)


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