Tea-se me.

I read recently that drinking coffee is not only responsible for chapped lips (apparently the caffeine does it), but the acid levels in that cup o’ jo can also make it difficult to lose weight (something about the acid levels raising cortisol levels in the body).

The doctor who made these claims recommended switching to tea to help with the fat problem. He even predicted that after making this switch, a woman could lose up to five pounds in a month. (I have no idea if the same is true for men.) It won’t help with the chapped lips thing, but lord knows I’m not giving up caffeine. Sorry, skin; I’ll use chapstick.

So anyway, embarking on THAT little experiment for the next month. Hello, chai.


5 thoughts on “Tea-se me.

  1. do you have a teavana in new york??? because it rocks. and if you do try white chai mixed with zingiber ginger coconut with some suga. YUM!

    • I looked it up, and they only have it in malls, so none in Manhattan, but they have it Upstate. Plus you can order online. Maybe you should buy it for me 😉 (plus a teapot…I have nothing to help me in this endeavor ha)

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