Catch up, slowpoke.

I have been very neglectful of you all. Sorry. Things have been a bit crazy at work lately (more responsibility, same amount of time, plus this impending VACATION I have cut my week in smaller portions…but more on that later.)

First things first. I apparently caused quite a ruckus with one of my Twitter/Facebook statuses last week in which I described the things I was looking forward to last weekend.

Well friends, I’m here to clear things up.

Here was the original post: “Weekend, boyfriend, band practice, deer dinner, party dresses. AKA, things I’m looking forward to right now.”

The first two are (or should be) self-explanatory. As for band practice, this is just the shorter way of saying, “Getting together with a few of the boyfriend’s friends who all play instruments in a band-of-sorts, in which I’m the singer.” I think you see why I went with “band practice.” (It’s because Twitter only allows you to use 140 characters at a time.)

Next, “deer dinner.” The boyfriend’s grandfather is in a hunting club, and every year they have this fancy dinner (it’s basically a wedding reception where no one gets hitched) where there is dancing and prizes and loads of venison.

If that doesn’t give you enough reasons why I would love this, see also:

{Venison, devoured}


{Boyfriend's grandparents, being adorable}

Plus, I made this happen:

{Boyfriend, dancing}

Yep, got him to dance. That’s a success in girlfriend world.

The deer dinner also explains the party dresses, though if you actually know me, I probably didn’t have to explain that one either.

So everyone clear? Good.

Now, as for my VACATION. I’m going to California tomorrow.TOMORROW. I’m so excited. (The reason I haven’t mentioned this trip before is because it was originally a surprise. That lasted for about three days. What can ya do.)

So anyway. I won’t be blogging for a while, but I will bring back stories and photos to make up for it. And maybe a present if you’re nice. (Probably not. There are actually quite a few of you.)

See ya!