Master of the Hunt

Wowza, I feel like I haven’t done this in forever. Sorry, guys.

Anyway, quick recap. The trip to LA was a rousing success! (Thank you again to my lovely hosts!) Saw sights. Ate fabulous Chinese and Mexican food (because really, it’s so much better over there). Frolicked in 70-degree weather. Saw two of my adorable nieces. Flew on a plane that had black lights, video games, and personal TVs. All in all, win.

But, like all good things, my vacation had to end eventually. Putting me back in the real world of work, lack of greenery, and rent checks.

Speaking of rent, Emma and I have begun searching for our new digs come May. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned from apartment hunting, it’s that it really makes you start to think about what you need.

Now, I mean it when I say “need.” We’re talking, “Can I truly live in a 7×7 room without a closet?” kind of need.

What I’ve learned? Generally, I don’t really need that much. The direction of my search is motivated largely by cost and desire for safety. That’s about it. No closet? Fine, I’ll buy a clothes rack. Not a lot of space? Well, I don’t really have that much stuff besides clothing anyway.

What I’m saying is, if I can afford it, don’t feel like I will get mugged outside, and can literally fit my belongings inside, I can make do.

At least I’m not high-maintenance?


5 thoughts on “Master of the Hunt

  1. What?


    Where? Queens? Manhattan? Brooklyn? Greenpoint-ish area?

    (Please say “Greenpoint”, please say “Greenpoint”….)

  2. i’m trying to move around the lower 100s on the west side in manhattan! its fairly safe, big enough apartments and the rent is also reasonable.

  3. Wait…you DON’T have that much stuff?

    In retrospect, you really don’t have that much stuff beyond clothes, but, to be fair, the clothes could easily add up to the size of a mid-sized living room/kitchen combo furniture set.

    Maybe you should take the room with the closet.

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