“You’re a real person.”

Ok, you guys know how I love me some nerdery. Which is why it shouldn’t surprise you that what I’m about to tell you thrills me.

This past weekend, I experienced what I can easily say was one of the top five nerdiest days of my life. Maybe even top three. (I was involved in mock trial for a decade.)

It started when the boyfriend asked if I wanted to get sushi with his friend James and his family Saturday night. As soon as I readily agreed, he asked if I wouldn’t mind hanging out with his friends James, Brian, and Craig before dinner since he’d offered to help James with his computer.

Then I found out Brian and James were going to be organizing comic books. Then I found out there would also would be adult-humor cartoons. Naturally, I was in.

The afternoon went a little something like this:

{James's comic collection}
{James's comic collection, cont.}
{James's comic collection, cont.}

At any given moment, Brian was organizing over 5,000 comic books (and creating a spreadsheet), Craig and James were fixing James’ computer (stopping from time to time to ask Joe what kind of RAM the computer had), and Joe and I were watching “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” (and I would be asking Brian questions like, “How did Peter Parker and Mary Jane’s daughter die?” and “What makes it an ‘Ultimatum’ comic?”).

{James, with his comics}

{Brian, organizing}

{Boyfriend, slightly shame-faced}

But, ch-yeah, FIVE. THOUSAND. COMIC. BOOKS. I would have been horrified if I wasn’t so impressed. I felt like I had let my nerdy brethren down by not toting along my Scrabble board. (Black Onyx Edition. Check it.)

At one point they started talking about taking me to Comic-Con. An idea to which I am not opposed. In the slightest. 

When we were out at dinner later (because nerds gotta eat, too), Brian couldn’t even relax because he knew he had at least 3,000 more comics to catalogue. It was at this point that James asked me to please blog about the entire experience.


You’re welcome, James.

5 thoughts on ““You’re a real person.”

  1. As you can see, I had minimal involvement with the days activities… but I did enjoy the eating part–and the Aqua Teen.

  2. Yay! I’m a real person. My collection is the real deal. Ill tell you where to be…. Outta my sight.

  3. You know what’s great…besides the sushi, I’ve consumed every single bit of pop-culture in these photos, right down to the specific comic issues and ATHF episode…at least a dozen times.

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