Spring Forward: A List

Goals for spring:

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
2. Only buy colored clothing. (Unless it’s a truly amazing gray or black.)
3. Move more.
4. Be nicer/more out-going.


7 thoughts on “Spring Forward: A List

  1. Those are my goals too! Haha but I was really confused by #3 for a second. Thought you meant like move houses. Whatever. No big deal.

  2. love it, but you are nice silly lol.
    funny thing, i was just talking about how i eat too much fruit. before work today i already had a banana, strawberries, blueberries, an apple, and 1/2 a grapefruit, then i had another apple this afternoon and grapes and im probably gonna eat another grapefruit before bed

  3. Aren’t those everybody’s goals!! I like them. I think they will be my goals too! (if that’s ok with you)

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