Long time no see

A friend recently pointed out that my past few blogs have been a bit shorter than usual (or rather, he accused me of being lazy).

Ok, so, it’s kind of true. On both counts. In the spirit of mixing more longer posts in with the shorties, here we go.


1. Still in the throws of searching for an apartment. Barker and I have a dinner date at home tonight, so I’m sure much Craigslisting will be done.

2. Our landlord has also started showing our apartment. It’s never looked cleaner. (Minus my bed, which is unmade. Oops. Fortunately I will be home tonight in time to whip that into shape before the prospectives arrive.)

3. This week I am getting my hair cut AND going shopping for the first time in a million billion years (Exaggeration. But not by much.). I like to think of it as personal spring cleaning.

4. My college is having it’s annual New York Trip for Magazine Majors this week. They will be traipsing around my office this Thursday. I may or may not have forgotten about the trip until this week. (Inman, if you’re reading this, I’m joking. To everyone else…yeah, I think you know me well enough at this point.)

5. The boyfriend and I have decided to start playing tennis. He is athletic. I am not. But I have a pretty new racket, so of course I’m down.

My goals for April are as follows:

1. Clean out my clothes (again).
2. Find an apartment for the next year of my life.
3. Get better at tennis?

…Ok, I’ve stretched this as long as I can. My friend should be clamoring for shorter posts any minute now.


5 thoughts on “Long time no see

  1. note from a beginning player…spend some $ and get actual tennis shoes instead of running shoes (if you get serious) your feet will thank you

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