I care so much

So remember that time I thought I would do something nice and bake cupcakes for the group of magazine majors that are visiting my office from Drake today?

And remember when I let my guilt for using a store-bought cake mix and an interest in cooking new things motivate me into trying to make my own buttercream icing?

And remember that time when I decided granulated sugar and confectioner’s sugar were “basically the same thing”?

And remember when the icing turned out sweet, but really, really grainy?

But remember when I decided it didn’t matter and iced the cupcakes anyway, only to decide the second I woke up that I simply couldn’t serve those cupcakes?

And remember when left for work extra early so I could get ready, go to a store before work to buy icing, and scrape off the old frosting and re-frost 16 cupcakes in my office cafe before my co-workers got to the office?

In case you don’t:

{Cupcakes, frosted. Twice.}

I call them “Bleeding Heart Cupcakes.”