Workout Woes

You know what’s really challenging? Finding someone to work out with.

Like I mentioned yesterday, athletic activities (and really any activity) is much more enjoyable when you don’t feel like you’re holding anyone else back. Or, I would add, like you’re holding yourself back so as not to make anyone feel left out.

Which is where today’s probably-not-that-startling revolution comes from.

My whole life, I’ve only really had one workout partner that I felt like I was on at-least-almost equal footing with. Her name is Michelle (and she writes an ironically baking-themed blog you should read…but not when you’re hungry).

Actually, Michelle was/is a little bit more fit (or at least more disciplined) than I am, which really worked out better for me in the long run. (Nothing makes you willing to go another mile more than a partner who thinks it’s no sweat.) But we ran at about the same speed, and we could work out for about the same length of time.

More importantly, we both had the same opinion of working out (and the same love-hate relationship with it), as well as of food (chocolate is necessary). So though we could push each other, I never felt like we looked down on each other if I had to walk a bit more than her on the treadmill or if she had a chocolate chip binge whilst baking one night.

Plus, she taught my pilates class, and you know how I feel about people who do pilates.

Now, I’m sure at this point someone I’ve worked out with who isn’t Michelle is thinking, “Did you HATE working out with me?” but I swear, I didn’t. Having any partner is better than none at all. (Seriously. The gym/running by yourself is laaaame.)

I’m just saying that I’m still waiting for someone to take Michelle’s place in my life (or for her to live closer!!).