Getting my friend fix

It seems like lately, more and more of my friends are starting their own blogs.

There was a time in my life when I would have scoffed at this (“this” being personal blogs in general). I thought blogging was narcissistic and pointless and a waste of time, energy, and web space (because apparently in my mind we’re running out).

Then one day I broke down. Part of it had to do with curiosity, and part of it had to do with the number of journalism professionals telling my classmates and me that if we didn’t have a blog, we were never going to get hired.

Personally, I think that’s nonsense. But I have to admit, blogging has a way of keeping you writing even when you don’t have an assignment — and it sure is helpful when applications call for an “unedited writing sample.”

The point is, now I’m kind of thrilled when people I enjoy talking to (and sometimes even those that I don’t) start blogging. When I read their blog, it’s like, for a few seconds, we’re hanging out again.

In fact, the only time I scoff now is when someone I really miss talking to goes for long periods of time without blogging anything. (Ahem.)

So keep it up, folks! My Google Reader can take it.