Get it, Bridal Fashion Week.

Ew, can you believe I left you all weekend with a post about rocketing billions of germs into the air? Now I really am an Impolite McRuderson.

Here’s something else to think about instead: It’s Bridal Fashion Week! (You’re thrilled, I can tell.) What that means is that today was one of the two Sundays that I will have to work this year. Doing what, you ask? This. (Namely, creating slide shows of literally hundreds of dresses. Phew.)

And even though working on a Sunday doesn’t sound so hot, my coworkers are awesome, so that helps. Plus there was free Mexican food and beer. Um, OKAY.

The process is ongoing throughout this week, so check back often! (You’re on tenterhooks, I know.)

As I always say, a hundred wedding dresses is way better than a billion germs.