Brush with fame

By the way, the greatest thing ever happened to me today. The guy who created Stuff Journalists Like commented on one of my tweets.

You. GUYS.

I wasn’t even one of his followers. (I am now. This is why flattery will get you almost anywhere with me.)

Way to go, social networking site. Boosting my self-confidence and connecting people.

Way. To. Go.

Food Shame Spiral

In case you didn’t believe my last post, here is what I have consumed today:

1st break fast: spoonful of peanut butter and glass of skim milk.

Second breakfast: Tuna melt and a chai latte

Lunch: Leftover pasta from last night’s dinner

Afternoon snack: Turkey sandwich. Not small. (See my “Today is one of those ‘can’t get full’ kind of days” tweet for an explanation.)

Dinner: Boston Cream Pie. (A slice.)

I would have had a glass of milk to give my “dinner” even the remotest sense of healthful eating, but I had finished it this morning. Fail.

Psh, inappropriate.

Sometimes I get really inappropriate cravings.

Not like, I crave something inappropriate. (Like, I don’t know, porn or something. Gross.) Just that sometimes I crave otherwise normal foods at inappropriate times.

Like cereal for dinner. Or cupcakes all the time.

What I’m saying is, I might have had a tuna melt for breakfast this morning.

So sue me.