It’s a lot of look

My senior year of high school, I won the “best dressed” award. I’m pretty sure a large part of that was the fact that I put a minimal amount of effort into what I wore, instead of just throwing on an Abercrombie & Fitch T-shirt or a pair of sweatpants.

Put it this way: The most common compliment I got was, “Your clothes always match so well!”

Um…thanks. Normally I get dressed in the dark, but today I thought I’d go all out.

Why am I sharing this bit of high school nostalgia? Because even though I’m pretty sure I have a decent fashion sense, there are a lot of times when I go to the bathroom at work and look in our full-size mirror and think, “Wait, does this work?”

I have a blue sweater and black leggings outfit that I really like, but sometimes I’m like, “Is this ‘comfy chic’ or ‘stretch-pants housewife’?”

Or today. I’m wearing a floral skirt, black top, and I threw on a jean jacket because it’s nippy out. I can’t quite decide if it’s “cute and springy” or “New Girl on Saved by the Bell.”

At least I didn’t poof my bangs or ask Slater to the dance.

P.S. Just spent about 45 seconds debating going into the bathroom and taking a picture so you could vote. The risk of someone walking in on me is just too much, sorry.