A very sad day.

I know in general I keep things pretty light on this here blog, but today you’ll have to indulge me one heavy-hearted post.

The more loyal readers among you may remember this post I made about my dog, Rosie, a few weeks back. As you can see in that post, my sweet little dog has been suffering from canine liver disease since at least last September.

The vet told us then that she probably wouldn’t last more than a few weeks. However, in her usual stubborn terrier way, Rosie prevailed. She continued to fill our lives with love and happiness for almost eight more months, until she succumbed to her disease last night.

We’ll always remember her (she made sure of it!) and will love her forever. Rest in peace, Rosie.

{Rosie O'Doggy Blanchard, 1997-2010}