Color Wars

First, I want to say thank you to everyone for your kind comments, texts, and emails last Friday and over the weekend. It was greatly appreciated.

We now return your to your regularly scheduled blog about not at all serious things.

Last week, a co-worker and I had a conversation about colors we “do not wear.” It started when she had to wear a bright pink shirt for a TV segment. It was actually a very flattering color on her, and after tell her so, I pointed out that she never wears pink.

She responded thoughtfully, “I used to wear pink.”

Something about the mental image of kicking a color like a bad habit struck me as particularly funny, but the more I thought about it, the more it makes sense.

I mean, if I look at my wardrobe, it is, for the most part, a dark sea of black, gray, and navy, with a few splashes of Kelly green, yellow, and turquoise. (Largely the reason why I create Rule #2 for myself this season.)

In general, though, I find that I am not actually against colors so much as shades. Like, I don’t wear bubblegum pink, but I will wear a lovely rich shade of raspberry. I’m not so fond of a citrus-y orange, but I do like a warm burnt sienna. I don’t wear electric green, but emerald is a favorite.

In general, jewel tones seem to do it for me. For example, after eschewing black and gray from my spring wardrobe, it seems I’ve adopted sapphire or royal blue as my hue of choice. Is this a vast departure from navy? No. Is it progress? Yes.

So what about you? Are there colors you can’t stop wearing, or ones you’ve deliberately stopped buying?