Can’t find the words…so we made them up.

A list of words that I probably shouldn’t love if I truly respect the English language but do in fact not-so-secretly love:

totes [tohts], adj.: No, not like,
Jane: Check out my sweet tote bag that I bought at Borders!
Ann: Dude, Borders has the cutest totes!


Jane totes her books to class every day in her sweet tote bag.

THAT kind of “totes” is a real word. I’m referring to the abbreviation of the word “totally.” Totes is used to connote agreement or acceptance. As in:

Jane: Wanna get Pinkberry later?
Ann: Totes.

Yep, the first word on the list is an abbrev. Get over it (Max Plenke).

badongin’ [buh-dawng-in], adj.: possessing outstanding quality, good looks, or general awesomeness. See also: Words my co-worker Anja makes up that rule.

That wedding cake is badongin’.

I don’t feel like I need to explain this one any further.

lurrrve [lerrrv], verb: To feel extreme affection and positive feelings for.

Jane: Did you like that mixed CD I made you?
Ann: No, I lurrrved it.

Yes, the three R’s are necessary. As is thoroughly pronouncing each. You should purr like a kitten when you say this word, otherwise you’re doing it wrong.

ridonkulous [ri-donk-yuh-luhs], adj.: Beyond ridiculous, amazing, or stupid. Can be used with both a positive or negative connotation.

Jane: How was having your parents meet your boyfriend?
Ann: Ridonkulous. I don’t want to talk about it.


Jane: How was having your parents meet your boyfriend?
Ann: Ridonkulous. They’re ready to adopt him.

I didn’t invent this word. I don’t know who did. But I want to shake them warmly by the hand, because it caused one of the top two funniest moments of I Love You, Man to happen. Thank you, Mystery Ridonkulous Inventor. Thank you.