Can’t find the words…so we made them up.

A list of words that I probably shouldn’t love if I truly respect the English language but do in fact not-so-secretly love:

totes [tohts], adj.: No, not like,
Jane: Check out my sweet tote bag that I bought at Borders!
Ann: Dude, Borders has the cutest totes!


Jane totes her books to class every day in her sweet tote bag.

THAT kind of “totes” is a real word. I’m referring to the abbreviation of the word “totally.” Totes is used to connote agreement or acceptance. As in:

Jane: Wanna get Pinkberry later?
Ann: Totes.

Yep, the first word on the list is an abbrev. Get over it (Max Plenke).

badongin’ [buh-dawng-in], adj.: possessing outstanding quality, good looks, or general awesomeness. See also: Words my co-worker Anja makes up that rule.

That wedding cake is badongin’.

I don’t feel like I need to explain this one any further.

lurrrve [lerrrv], verb: To feel extreme affection and positive feelings for.

Jane: Did you like that mixed CD I made you?
Ann: No, I lurrrved it.

Yes, the three R’s are necessary. As is thoroughly pronouncing each. You should purr like a kitten when you say this word, otherwise you’re doing it wrong.

ridonkulous [ri-donk-yuh-luhs], adj.: Beyond ridiculous, amazing, or stupid. Can be used with both a positive or negative connotation.

Jane: How was having your parents meet your boyfriend?
Ann: Ridonkulous. I don’t want to talk about it.


Jane: How was having your parents meet your boyfriend?
Ann: Ridonkulous. They’re ready to adopt him.

I didn’t invent this word. I don’t know who did. But I want to shake them warmly by the hand, because it caused one of the top two funniest moments of I Love You, Man to happen. Thank you, Mystery Ridonkulous Inventor. Thank you.

9 thoughts on “Can’t find the words…so we made them up.

  1. I feel weird calling a cake Badongin’ because it sounds like badonk which makes me think of big booties. You’re almost as bad as my mom thinking she made up the word Cooter to mean something silly. Eeeeeeeesh.

  2. first of all, I love totes mcgoats. It’s my new favorite.

    An all-time favorite of mine is one I would like to think I made up, you heard it here first.
    disgrossting adj. : causing an extreme aversion

  3. My secretary’s favorite word is “flustrated.” Which she usually uses to refer to herself, when, well, she is flustered and frustrated simultaneously. Which happens a lot working for me.

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