Such thing as a free lunch…and dinner!

So, remember that time (almost a year ago) when I won tickets to Shakespeare in the Park?

Well, even though I can say that my life did significantly improve from that point on (though not necessarily due to luck so much as a lot, lot, LOT of effort), my winning streak effectively took a leap off a cliff. As in, I haven’t really won a single thing since then except for Scrabble games against my cell phone.


One of the biggest lessons I ever learned from my dear friend Michelle (besides the best ways to tone my abs in pilates) was that there is a lot of free stuff out there to be had — one simply has to put in a minimal amount of work. Michelle always sends me email forwards to get free things like granola bars and chocolate and shampoo and whatnot, and this has encouraged me to seek out other ways to get free things.

Which brings me to yesterday.

On days when I don’t feel like going outside or when I’m having a night in, I’ll use a delightful service called to order food. Am I proud of this? Well…I’m not NOT proud.

I also frequent a little site called Twitter (have you heard of it? It’s shaking up THE WORLD.*), and one day I discovered that has its own Twitter feed. My Michelle-trained spidey senses started tingling, and I decided to follow it in case they ever advertised coupons or deals or something.

Well, yesterday they posted a tweet that if you re-tweeted it (that’s when you basically tweet the same thing they did for all of YOUR followers, Dad), you would be entered to win a free dinner.

Again, this took minimal effort, so naturally I did it.

And you guys. I. WON.

I had free sushi for dinner. And the leftovers will be today’s lunch. So that’s TWO free meals.

So I guess my luck hasn’t exactly taken a leap, just more of a sabbatical. Here’s to a lucky day every year or so.


Photo courtesy of emmas designblogg