Home, Home on the Brain

I don’t have a lot of requirements for my dream home. To be more specific, I have two.

1. I want a garbage disposal. I know. I know. They jam up literally all the time, they’re knocked completely out of commission by something as pathetic as a chicken bone, and it makes it about a million times more likely that something like THIS will happen to me.

But the thought of spending my entire life having to avoid rinsing a dish in the sink or be forced to clean out the drain trap with MY HAND is enough to make me politely look the other way in terms of those potential cons. (Besides, what are the odds that my disposal will be haunted…right?)

2. Bookshelves. Lots. This requirement is actually much more important to me than the first one (although the first one is still important. Deal with it.). As you know, I love grammar and reading, so this should really come as no surprise.

So why do I bring this up now? Well, as some of you know, I’m getting ready to move into my first place sans roommates. Which means the decor of which is left to my sole discrection.

Now, naturally I cannot create THIS look:

Or this:

But I do have two of these bookshelves (that I built with my bare hands. You may recall.). So…I could maybe do something similar to this:

Heck, it’s a start.

Images courtesy of Delight by Design and Habitually Chic