Things that drive me crazy:

1. The vending machine at my office has many things for 90 cents, but EVERY TIME you put in a dollar or four quarters, it NEVER gives you back your dime. NOT ONE SINGLE TIME. And Lord knows I can count on one hand the times I have had exact change.

2. I’m ALWAYS starving at 11:41 a.m. Which would not really be a problem, per se, if not for the eating habits of my fellow New Yorkers. This is another reason why I miss my friend Michelle. Part of our similar relationship with food included the time when we shared a cubicle as interns for a year in college. We both were starving by 10:30 (a downside to eating breakfast at 7 a.m.), but for some reason eating lunch at 11:45 is less shameful when you have a partner.

3. I’m moving this month. Probably in like two weeks because it’s looking like that’s the only unscheduled weekend for the people who are helping me. And I have packed literally nothing. Um…anyone have any boxes they want to lend me? And/or ideas of where to procure boxes…?

Did I mention I haaaaate moving?

So yeah. Thanks for being ultra negative, blog. I’m actually not in a pessimistic mood today. Just tired. And hungry.