The title describes my feelings about packing. Which I need to do. Especially if I’m ever going to achieve my dreams of living like this.

It’s just so LAME, ya KNOW?

Even though I am the opposite of jazzed about packing up my LIFE, I do finally have boxes that I got from work. So that’s cool. Less cool? That I have to schlep them home on the subway tonight. For the first time EVER I wish I had a car in the city. But I think this feeling will pass.

I’m now taking suggestions for my “Packing up my LIFE” playlist. (Don’t bother mentioning “Don’t Stop Believin'”. That’s pretty much built into any playlist I ever create.)


6 thoughts on “Ughhhhh

  1. I made a Jack Johnson play list to sooth my nerves this morning while I packed. It was lovely

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