The Last Course

You know what we haven’t done in a while? A Kitchen Adventures post!

And since it was my last night in my Brooklyn apartment/kitchen:

…I decided it was time to bust out a new recipe I’ve been meaning to make for a while. Mama Blanchard’s Lemon Chicken!

{It starts, as all good recipes do, with olive oil and butter}
{Add chicken, lightly floured in a flour and parmesan mixture}
{Lightly brown until golden}
{Remove chicken and add wine and chicken broth}
{Put chicken back in, simmer covered for 15 minutes}

Next, remove the chicken, add lemon juice and boil the sauce. (Next time, I will probably thicken the sauce a bit with corn starch. It was pretty runny.) Roast asparagus and cook couscous for sides.

Here was the final result:

(Sidenote: I know you’re supposed to get not-so-hot wines to cook with, but in my world, I’m using maybe a cup of wine for the recipe. That leaves the whole rest of the bottle. And since I don’t cook with wine THAT often, I say cook with good wine. Then some of it might even end up in the sauce, amiright?)

The boyfriend brought me a million boxes from work, so I rewarded him with food. (Get it, classical conditioning.) He thanked me by doing the dishes:

So, that’s it! The next kitchen adventure will take place in an entirely new (less high-tech) kitchen. The final packing progress report is:


Not Packed: NOTHING

Here’s to the next adventure!