Home sweet home

Hello, my lovely readership!

In case you’re wondering (and involved enough in my life/blog to know this happened), I successfully moved to Long Island! I lurrrve my new apartment, but it is in a state of horrendous disarray, so I don’t have photos just yet. (Don’t worry, I’ve already secured a “before” photo so I can dedicate a blog post to the new digs at some point…but don’t rush me.)

Tonight I’m planning to go for a run in the new neighborhood, then unpack for a couple hours before going to watch the boyfriend’s hockey game. (On a Monday! A week night! Not the weekend! …sorry, I’m still excited about the “living closer to the boyfriend” thing…)

The goal is to have the apartment in working order by the end of the week. (Spoiler alert: I think it’s going to be adorable. Get excited.)


4 thoughts on “Home sweet home

  1. How exciting!!! A new place to decorate! Can’t wait to see all the results.
    And living closer to the boyfriend will be great!

  2. Delighted you’re so happy! Now you can read the Wall Street Journal on your way to work! Ha, ha.

  3. […] Playing Favorites May 18, 2010 by justinelorelle Ok, so the apartment still is not clean enough for me to share it with you. (As in, I would not invite you over if you lived near me.) TOnight there will be massive unpackings/organizings/cleanings, so I’m still not behind on my goal of an end-of-the-week before-and-after post. […]

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