Playing Favorites

Ok, so the apartment still is not clean enough for me to share it with you. (As in, I would not invite you over if you lived near me.) Tonight there will be massive unpackings/organizings/cleanings, so I’m still not behind on my goal of an end-of-the-week before-and-after post.

So stop hasslin’ me, yo. (I’m so sorry.)

So I was thinking about this post I wrote a long time ago (OMG nostalgia for my long hair!), and I’ve decided that in the almost year since I wrote it (OMG nostalgia in general!), I have decided on a few more favorites. Even for things that don’t really matter! And since I’ve written a couple of negative posts lately (here and here), here’s one that’s just about things I like. Positivity!

Here’s a list:

Food: Eel sushi, though really, seafood in general. (See also: Shrimp fajitas, seafood pad thai, moule frites, etc.)
Color: Green, Yellow, Sea Green/Turquoise (So pretty much all the same family.)
Drink: Gin & Tonic
Beer: Fat Tire (even though it is sold NOWHERE in New York…grumble)
Flowers: Tulips and Ranunculus (blame my wedding obsession …more nostalgia!)
Smells: Peppermint, Ivory soap, clean laundry, lemon/citrus, the Nuts 4 Nuts cart
Band: Snow Patrol
TV Shows: The Office (classic), Community, 30 Rock, Modern Family
Candy: Junior Mints

Ok? Happiness 🙂

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