Names changed to protect the awkward

A: omg omg ran into Creepy McAwkwardson at work today
i was totally trapped and wanted to die

me: whaaaaaat?

A: i was at the historical library looking stuff up for work, heard, well hey there, A
commence dying process b/c I know exactly who it is

me: hahaha
I don’t think I would recognize his voice

A: i had actually thought “Creepy McAwkwardson is a museum major, i bet he would work in a place like this”
Epic Fail Creepy McAwkwardson

me: you thought that?
do you think about Creepy McAwkwardson a lot?
we should discuss this

A: i saw him driving two days ago


A: and saw his mom too

me: *concerned look*

A: and yes i think about him constantly

me: hahahaha
I plan on blogging this convo with the names removed.

A: and i know i made the ‘oh GOD’ face when i saw him
AND i read his little sister’s graduation party invite this morning
so he has FOR SURE been on my mind
ya know….more than usual

me: A, stop trying to make “thinking about Creepy McAwkwardson” ok