A public apology

Oh, heeeeey guys. *Awkward toe dig*

Hey, remember that time I promised to post pictures of my new apartment by the end of the week? Er…last week? So…guess what didn’t happen?

Apparently the natives are getting restless to see the new digs, but all I can say is that I’m a perfectionist, so it’s not going to happen until I think the place is as perfect as it can be. (I have ONE box left to unpack, but I can’t do it until the big strong boyfriend helps me move a piece of furniture. Then, I promise. A post to end all posts.)

Plus, I have photos of the first meal cooked in the new place! (Warning: It was very easy and involved pretty much all pre-made stuff, but what the heck. It involved boiling water and therefor the use of my new pots and my new stove.)

So, I swear, it’s coming. Tomorrow night at the absolute latest.

Still love me? Please?