New Apartment Pictures!

You guys! I did it! I FINALLY got my apartment to a state where I don’t mind sharing it. Actually, I’m thrilled to share it. The place is spotless.

So, without any further ado, I give you my first Long Island apartment. First, the “Before” shots:

{kitchen, before}
{bedroom, before}
{closet, before}

And now, it’s current state:

{kitchen, after}
{kitchen, after}
{bathroom -- it's basically the same}
{bedroom, after}
{bedroom, after}
{living room, after}
{kitchen & closet, after}

Isn’t it cute? I could not love it more (unless it came with a disposal).

I decided to save the “first meal” photo shoot post for tomorrow since this one is already quite long. Plus, you know, I stayed up until midnight doing this. And I’m an 80-year-old woman who needs her rest.

I cook and I clean and I get no rest, ya know?

Awkward day

I overslept this morning and had to get ready in about fifteen minutes to make the bus.

Remembered on the bus to the train that I was wearing green underwear with a white skirt.

You can’t ACTUALLY see the green unless I hold the skirt against my bum, but I still spent the entire day convinced that anyone walking behind me was thinking, “Well, THAT’S kind of skanky.”

Not skanky. Forgetful. And rushed.

This is my life.