New Apartment Pictures!

You guys! I did it! I FINALLY got my apartment to a state where I don’t mind sharing it. Actually, I’m thrilled to share it. The place is spotless.

So, without any further ado, I give you my first Long Island apartment. First, the “Before” shots:

{kitchen, before}
{bedroom, before}
{closet, before}

And now, it’s current state:

{kitchen, after}
{kitchen, after}
{bathroom -- it's basically the same}
{bedroom, after}
{bedroom, after}
{living room, after}
{kitchen & closet, after}

Isn’t it cute? I could not love it more (unless it came with a disposal).

I decided to save the “first meal” photo shoot post for tomorrow since this one is already quite long. Plus, you know, I stayed up until midnight doing this. And I’m an 80-year-old woman who needs her rest.

I cook and I clean and I get no rest, ya know?

6 thoughts on “New Apartment Pictures!

  1. Your growing up so fast!!! Looks like you are doing well!!! Looks like things are going your way!! Very happy for you!!

  2. Love it so much!! I want to look for some pictures for the walls. Let’s look when we come? Very proud of you. Love, Mom

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