Everyone loves a kitchen adventure

Ok, so this may be the lamest Kitchen Adventure post ever, but you KNOW I couldn’t not blog about my first cooking expedition in the new apartment.

So anyway, here goes. I made tortellini (store-bought) with marinara (store-bought). And commence photo sequence:

{Emma always makes fun of the boiling water picture, but in this case, this was the cooking}
{combine tortellini and sauce, sprinkle with cheese, and you're done!}

Maybe not the height of my culinary skill, but I did manage to make dinner in about eight minutes. So, win some, lose some.


5 thoughts on “Everyone loves a kitchen adventure

    • Bahaha I forgot how I had ended this post, and for a second I thought you were advertising a contest in a book you wrote. I was gonna be like, geez, self-promotion much…? :-p

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  2. OK, this is one time the comments were more entertaining the blog! Nothing against your kitchen or anything, or tortellini.

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