Obsess with me, won’t you?

Remember how when I first got a blog, I posted all the time and sometimes had to stop myself from posting twice because I was so excited to have a new outlet?

(Yeah, right. You don’t remember. No one read it back then.)

Well, I did. And now I sort of feel the same way about my new wedding planning blog. So I’m sorry that I have been a little neglectful of this one. I think the best solution is to allow myself to write a bit about wedding stuff here too.

After all, the other blog is supposed to be more professional anyway. And lord knows I have plenty of non-professional moments.

So, quick wedding update!

1. We registered! (Yay!) But then discovered that Target.com has the really, really, really annoying habit of spontaneously discontinuing products that you registered for TWO. DAYS. BEFORE. So now we are re-registering on Thursday at Bed Bath & Beyond. We also registered online at Crate & Barrel, but there was no drama with that. It was really easy ha.

2. I’ve started booking visits to venues! We’re hoping to have it narrowed to two or three by the time my parents visit (in three weeks!) so we can make the final decision and GET OUR WEDDING DATE. So excited.

3. I’m getting ready to start booking wedding dress shop appointments. EEEEK! (Ok, I should have warned you that you are going to have to mentally prepare yourself for a lot of girly shrieking. I am REALLY excited to be getting married.) I don’t know exactly what I want, but I know that my likes are: tiers, ruffles, V-necks/sweetheart necklines, off-the-shoulder, low backs, matte fabrics

Dislikes: Strapless, shiny fabrics, beading, too many pickups in the skirt, too much anything.

So…simple. Right?

I feel like I’m doing all right for being engaged for about three weeks.

Excuse me, I think you’re wrong.

Challenging an authoritative figure is a weird thing.

It probably comes as no surprise that I’m not exactly a rebel-rouser. I mean, I’ll defend myself, but I’d rather not upset an equilibrium if I don’t have to (although more recently I’ve found that confrontation can have its perks). I’m also almost always a teacher’s pet, so telling someone who is superior to me that I think they made a mistake is not always something I relish.

I was recently confronted with my fear of confrontation (yuk yuk yuk) at work, and even though I knew I was right, I still felt like I instantly morphed into that freshman in the upper-level English class that no one can stand.

Do you think it will affect my grade?



So…there’s that.

In an unrelated (not) note, wedding planning continues to plod on! The Fiance and I registered yesterday (find out more at my Knot blog! …get spammed.), and now we’re going to start looking into venues. Which will hopefully lead to a firm wedding date. Which would be great for, you know, everything else.

Anyway, I literally spent the entire morning and some of last night trying to think of a blog topic that didn’t involved weddings. I came up with…our one-year anniversary today!

(Come on, you didn’t REALLY think I could think about something not even slightly wedding related, did you? …Maybe next time.)

But anyway, following in the as-of-late tradition of mushy posts, THAT’S what I’ll be thinking about today 🙂

…Well, that and our impending nuptials.

Occupational Hazard

So here’s something neat.

I’ve been contemplating how to handle combining what is sure to be an onslaught of wedding planning thoughts and writing this blog. I mean, some of you guys might like me for something besides my boundless ideas for escort cards.

Fortunately, my editors were (unknowingly) solving this problem for me all along. I’m happy to announce that I am officially the newest Knottie Blogger! (Which only sounds dirty when you say it out loud.)

And yes, I posted the video again. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

So if you care at all about my wedding planning progress or various inspirational things I find across the world wide web, stay tuned. (You can also check out the prettier version here if you feel awkward being on TheKnot.com)

The only problem? Given the amount of time I spend thinking about my wedding, I’m a little concerned about having anything else to write about…

What I did on my summer vacation

Hi hi HI GUYS!!!

Oh my gosh, it’s been so long! Look how tall you got! And how tan! And did you lose weight?

(Yes, I AM sucking up because this post is so tardy.)

Anywho, I’m back from vacation! It was great. I ate yummy food:

Went to a wedding:

Took in pretty nature:

Made awesome new friends:

Oh, and, you know, this happened:

WIGGA-WHAT?! (I’m so sorry.)

But seriously. Um, hi! I got engaged! That’s right; The Boyfriend will be henceforth known as The Fiance.

It feels lame to write out the whole, “SO HOW DID HE DO IT *GIRLISH SQUEAL*????” story here, but fortunately my co-workers love me insane amounts and decided to promote my life on the site last Monday. You can get the full story here, and actually see the mentioned video here. (You can also see a better quality version here. It really is my favorite thing to watch.)

Warning: Most people have cried after watching it. (The Fiance is kind of adorable.) So if you’re at work or the gym or something, maybe wait until you get home and curled up in your pajamas with some ice cream.

I think my favorite part of the whole thing is how many people have told me it’s “perfect” that I’m engaged because I work for a wedding planning magazine. Like, if I worked for a hunting magazine, would it be perfect if I hit a deer with my non-existent car? Actually, yeah, that would be appropriate, because that’s the closest I will ever get to hunting.

What’s actually my favorite part of the whole thing? The fact that I get to marry my best friend. I really could not be happier, and I’m so excited to start our life together. (Get mush’d.)