Remember when I wrote this?

(It was on April 28th. Check the date. Duh.)

But seriously, guys. For the first time EVER I actually completed all of these tasks!

1. Update blog appearance – Umm check the new header and layout, yo.
2. Clean out my closet – I’m down about two garbage bags of clothes I don’t wear. And the boyfriend’s sister has benefited from my closet cleanse 😉
3. Begin the moving process – BEGIN it? How about VANQUISH it? (Seriously, look!)
4. Find a dress for this fancy wedding I’m going to – Done. AND I got shoes. ALL for under $70. Get discount’d.
5. Mail my sister the present I’ve had for her for about a million years – I am incapable of this, so I’ve entrusted the boyfriend with the present. It’s on it’s way.
6. Figure out what my hair is doing – Ok, so this one is SORT of not done yet. But I have a haircut on Saturday. So it counts.

Basically, I’m awesome. And I just wanted to make sure you all knew.

As if I need to remind you, right guys? …guys?


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