A bit of this, a dash of that

I’m going to Canada this week! My first vacation in a year! My first time to Canada! I’m really excited!

Phew. Glad I got that out of my system.

Of course, my impending trip also means that you guys will have to sit tight without a blog post for ten days. (Actually, who are we kidding. We all remember where we were during the apartment photo debacle of 2010. You’ll be lucky if you get a post within three days after I get back.)

Anyways, in anticipation of the blogging drought, I bring you THIS! My photo-packed-random-update post! Yay!

First, I had a very domestic evening the other day when I decided to actually USE one of those recipes on the back of a soup label to cobble together the random ingredients I had left in my fridge. (This was before my grocery shopping trip Saturday. Things are less creative now.)

You take cubed cooked chicken and cooked broccoli, slather them with cream of chicken soup (and theoretically milk, but I didn’t have it), sprinkle with bread crumbs and cheese (but I honestly think the bread crumbs were more trouble than they were worth)…

{cooked broccoli & cooked chicken on the baby stove}
{Ingredients combined, pre-cooking}

Then pop it in the oven for 20 minutes or so, and viola! Dinner for the next six meals. Plus you can feel like you’re in a Campbell’s commercial. Mm, mm, good.

Next, a list of the new things in my life! First, this:

Air conditioning! Do you guys realize how hot it gets here? It’s insane. The humidity alone will knock you on your behind when you open the door. And what my unit lacks in beauty and youth, it makes up for in…the ability to still pump out cold air. Love.

Next, I got THIS:

A TV! Giving me access to things like FitTV, ABC Family, MTV, and movie channels! (Speaking of which, I KNOW it looks like I’m watching porn, but that’s actually a Jersey Shore rerun. Which should surprise no one.)

FINALLY, the boyfriend is out of town this weekend, but he let me use his car, so I had one of those for a few days, TOO. I went to the grocery store, as mentioned, and the laundromat (Lesson learned: You may THINK there are only two sizes of machines, but there are actually three. And the dryer may have a coin slot, but it’s actually free. Be observant. Save money.), AND I got my haircut!

It’s not really different, it just has more layers and fewer split ends. Win-win!

Ok, that’s enough random (and ALL CAPS) for now.