Occupational Hazard

So here’s something neat.

I’ve been contemplating how to handle combining what is sure to be an onslaught of wedding planning thoughts and writing this blog. I mean, some of you guys might like me for something besides my boundless ideas for escort cards.

Fortunately, my editors were (unknowingly) solving this problem for me all along. I’m happy to announce that I am officially the newest Knottie Blogger! (Which only sounds dirty when you say it out loud.)

And yes, I posted the video again. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

So if you care at all about my wedding planning progress or various inspirational things I find across the world wide web, stay tuned. (You can also check out the prettier version here if you feel awkward being on TheKnot.com)

The only problem? Given the amount of time I spend thinking about my wedding, I’m a little concerned about having anything else to write about…