Obsess with me, won’t you?

Remember how when I first got a blog, I posted all the time and sometimes had to stop myself from posting twice because I was so excited to have a new outlet?

(Yeah, right. You don’t remember. No one read it back then.)

Well, I did. And now I sort of feel the same way about my new wedding planning blog. So I’m sorry that I have been a little neglectful of this one. I think the best solution is to allow myself to write a bit about wedding stuff here too.

After all, the other blog is supposed to be more professional anyway. And lord knows I have plenty of non-professional moments.

So, quick wedding update!

1. We registered! (Yay!) But then discovered that Target.com has the really, really, really annoying habit of spontaneously discontinuing products that you registered for TWO. DAYS. BEFORE. So now we are re-registering on Thursday at Bed Bath & Beyond. We also registered online at Crate & Barrel, but there was no drama with that. It was really easy ha.

2. I’ve started booking visits to venues! We’re hoping to have it narrowed to two or three by the time my parents visit (in three weeks!) so we can make the final decision and GET OUR WEDDING DATE. So excited.

3. I’m getting ready to start booking wedding dress shop appointments. EEEEK! (Ok, I should have warned you that you are going to have to mentally prepare yourself for a lot of girly shrieking. I am REALLY excited to be getting married.) I don’t know exactly what I want, but I know that my likes are: tiers, ruffles, V-necks/sweetheart necklines, off-the-shoulder, low backs, matte fabrics

Dislikes: Strapless, shiny fabrics, beading, too many pickups in the skirt, too much anything.

So…simple. Right?

I feel like I’m doing all right for being engaged for about three weeks.


2 thoughts on “Obsess with me, won’t you?

  1. Justine … you are too cute! I really, really need to start wedding blogging. You are so good about getting everything done! OMG I haven’t even registered yet and we’ve been engaged for like forever .. ok 7 months, but still. I think we are registering all the same places as you! Please keep me updated on your dress & venue hunt! I’m obsessed with my dress and we had great experiences both places we went in the city! Bridal Reflections & Kleinfeld … 🙂 But who am I to give wedding advice to the expert! 🙂 xx – A

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