Nobody likes you when you’re 23

So, it’s my birthday tomorrow.

Now, y’all who actually know me know that this isn’t really a big deal in my world. The actual day, that is.

And I’m not really one of those people who freak about getting older. (Well, yet. We’ll see how I feel when 30 is approaching.)

Twenty-two was a good year. I got my first grown-up job, I got engaged — a lot of solidly adult things happened. I always say you only have to panic about getting older if you’re not happy with where you are in life. I’m happy. Exceedingly so, for the most part.

But even though 22 was good, for me it was the birthday that didn’t really stick. When people asked how old I was, I never immediately thought “22.” I would think “21” or even “23.” Twenty-two never really sunk in.

Twenty-three sounds a little more grown-up. A little more solid. Maybe that will make it easier to remember.

I love love

So, bad news, guys.

I’m afraid that I’m already turning into one of those married women who just wants everyone around her to settle down and get married, too.

Translation: I just want to set up my friends on dates.

To be fair, I’ll always had this inclination. I just want everyone to be happy! (And yes, before anyone jumps down my throat via the comments section, I am aware that you can be perfectly happy whilst single.)

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m very good at setting people up. For one, I usually chicken out because I’m worried the whole thing will blow up in my face. The only “success story” I can (sort of) claim was the time I accidentally introduced two of my friends and they happened to start dating. (Don’t get me wrong; if they get married, I’m taking all the credit.)

Plus, most of my friends are young. Like, not-concerned-about-meeting-someone-on-their-own young. So they’re not really coming to me to find their soul mates. (Though the offer still stands!)

But once I am ne of those married women who just wants everyone around her to settle down and get married, too? All you singles better watch out.

My Body’s Rebellion

So you know what I (unsurprisingly) hate? Oversleeping.

Especially when it’s the ONE DAY A WEEK that I try to get to my office early because they let me leave a little earlier to get to my meeting on time.

Even worse? When I discover the REASON why I overslept is because I forgot to turn my phone (also my alarm clock) ringer from vibrate to ringer. Even though I specifically remember thinking to myself that I should do that when I SET the alarm.

Meaning I’m an idiot. (Or a very clever self-saboteur….)

Pros: Got over an hour of extra sleep.

Cons: Everything else.

Actually, that pro doesn’t even count because I am STILL tired. When will my body learn to just ADAPT to the limited amount of sleep I allow it? This is why I know evolution is wrong. (If someone starts an intelligent design debate in my comments section, I will literally tear them limb from limb. I’m too tired for that crap. Besides, we all know science is on my side.)

Guess this is one of those downsides to living alone. Good thing I have that whole “husband” thing in the works!

The name of the game is, how long can I go without washing my hair! …JK, it will happen tonight. Cool your jets, hygiene police.

Blah blah blah (not the song)

Ok, I’ve decided to add two more things to the “things I am doing that are good for me” list. (Needs a better name…)

1. Eat at least three cups of fruits and/or vegetables every day. (Ate a salad today, so that’s at least two right there.)

2. Stop biting my nails.

Remember I started that up again? Well, it’s annoying. And I’m going to stop. For realz. Especially since a lot more people stop, grab my hand, and stare at it these days.

In other news, the parents are coming to town on Thursday. And so will begin a crazy few days of non-stop venue appointments, social engagements, and other familial hijinks.

Don’t worry, I might disappear for a few days (which is oh-so-rare lately…not), but I’m sure I’ll be back (with photos!) to tell you allllll about it.