Weekend of Wonders

It’s almost a holiday weekend!

You guys, I LOVE my job, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t love not being at work the most. (Does ANYONE disagree with that statement?)

Of course, lately my weddings (omg, I just did the “me/my” thing…at least I corrected it) have been busier than my work days. (Edit: Oh. My. God. I was just reading through this and realized I said “weddings” when I meant “weekends.” Wow. Obsess much?)

For example, this weekend I have band practice tonight, then Saturday and part of Sunday will be spend looking at reception venues. For MONDAY though, I have reserved only wonderous things. The Fiance and I will be getting breakfast at a place that is supposed to have amazing pancakes with four other friends, and then we’re going to the beach.


And the weather is supposed to be “Amazing.” (Ok, the weather report actually said 82 with a 0-10% chance of precipitation, but I think we ALL knew what it meant.)

So, what I’m saying is, no blogging until next week. Hope everyone has a gorgeous weekend!